Derrick Pedranti's Helpful Green Tips

Each of us has a basic responsibility to take care of the world that we live in. We all want to enjoy a healthy, clean environment that is beautiful and litter free. This website outlines a few tips from Derrick Pedranti on how to help make our community a little greener.

When someone does not work to reduce waste nor dispose of it properly, it harms our neighborhood and can impact our air and water quality.

It is important that we all help to to keep our environment clean. Not doing so can lead to the following consequences:

  • Waste ruins the aesthetic beauty of the envinronment we live in
  • Sites with toxic materials present safety risks
  • Harmful gases from waste can lower air quality, reducing our health and quality of life
  • Waste can destroy life forms and damage ecological habitats

Please peruse my site for helpful tips on how to save energy, reduce waste and prevent litter.

Thank you,

Derrick Pedranti